Posted by: alwaysrkp | March 1, 2009

Ministry from our wounds

My heart is full today.  Full with thoughts, full of passion and grace and mercy.

When I was 12, I began asking God “Why?  Why me?  Why did all these things happen to me?”  One day, very clearly, God answered “So you can help other people.”  That was answer enough for me.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began to move on with my life.

Lately, God has really been bringing home the message to me of how much we can minister out of our hurt, pain and even sinful times of our lives.  We can relate to others who are experiencing the same thing or similar.   When we are committed to the Lord, passion arises from the scars in our heart, soul and mind.

My man often tells me how sorry he is that I have had to endure so many things.  Everytime he says that, I am reminded that I am not sorry for my hurts.  I am sorry for my sin, but out of all of it, arises things that only God could produce.  My life is a story only God could write a happy ending to – and He has written it already.  I can alter the course in-between birth and death by my choices.  I hope that my choices align with His more often than not.  But I digress…

In a recent Beth Moore study that I did, Beth said that we do not come full circle with our wounds until we have used them to minister to others….that is SO true.  If we do not use our hurts or our sins to help others – then it was all for naught.  But when we let God apply His balm to our hearts and heal them – WOW – what a testimony we have.

I know that God has already and even is currently using my past to minister to others…but I keep feeling something bigger is around the corner.  I do not know what it is.  I hope that I am worthy and that I glorify God through whatever it is.


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