Posted by: alwaysrkp | March 14, 2009


First of all, do you struggle with “Insecurity” issues? If no, why not?
If yes, can you tell of a specific situation that happened to you that brought out your insecurities (the more details, the better). Feel free to post anonymously…
Again, if you do struggle with insecurity, what do you believe is the root cause of your insecurity?

Yes, I do struggle with insecurity. A lot.
Recently my man was extremely frustrated with something (not me). My insecurity kicked into overdrive. I had a less than perfect childhood. If my Mom was mad, I learned to lay low. When she was mad or upset, my already not-at-all-affectionate mother would take out her frustrations on me. So when my man gets mad or upset – I really do not know how to respond. Inside, I am afraid that he will lash out at me – or at least not be receptive to my attempts towards him. My insecure feelings totally go back to my relationship with my mother.

I have noticed through the years that abused children, are abused adults (emotionally). The Lord heals us little by little if we let Him. He binds up our wounds. But to be able to bind them, He must expose our wounds first and clean them out and get rid of the ick – then He can put his healing balm on it and bind it so that it will heal.

I hope that all my wounds are exposed and healed sometime before I die!



  1. Your vulnerability has touched my heart. And has made me examine my relationship with my children. Thank you.

  2. Amen, bless you dear one.

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