Posted by: alwaysrkp | March 17, 2009

When you blog on your friend’s couch at 9pm…

I wrote a warm, fuzzy blog about how I dream of the day that I am in my own home once again, get the miracle that will buy me a laptop with wireless and can sit on my couch with a fuzzy blanket (when it is cold) or in a comfy chair on my screened porch (when it’s warm)…

while I was sitting on my friend’s couch. She was at the hospital with a relative having emergency surgery. Her 2 young boys had to go to bed and Dad was unreachable until 10 or 10:30. So I offered to sit on her couch while the kiddos slept (after they tried me to see if I would really make them stay in bed. I was SO tired but she gave me a fuzzy blanket and I cuddled into her couch with her laptop and began to read blogs and write my own….and it was wonderful.

Then the dad came home

I saved the blog (or so I thought)

Nope – did not save the blog. It is lost in blog never land.

That is what happens when you write a blog on your friend’s couch past 9pm and have not slept properly in two nights.



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