Posted by: alwaysrkp | April 10, 2009

“My desire to serve God was good, but…”

Thanks, Tiffany of Snapshots of Life for your comment and openness about not praying except for the “obvious” times.  Also, thank you for pointing out Exemplify’s Kettle Club Challenge. and in your blog on the challenge pointing out that you are trying not to blog or email until you have had your daily time with the Lord – that’s a challenge we all should take on!

Today I am also challenged by the beginning of Linda Dillow’s book/Bible study:

“…My heart was adorned with service and ministry.  To be sure, it was a noble goal, but often this pursuit superseded loving my Lord and sitting at His feet and worshipping Him.

I longed for intimacy, ecstasy, and a deep relationship with my Bridegroom, but as the years passed and life became hectic and complicated, I settled for serving the One I loved…..My desire to serve God was good, but my priorities were out of order….’All of us need to be lovers who work rather than workers who love’.  …When our priorities become turned around, and we place more emphasis on loving others than on loving God, we are headed for spiritual and physical exhaustion.”

Legal and moral work first: the inner quote above is from Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge.

How many times I get so wrapped up in ministry and church work and get drug down by the weight of it all because I am not spending intimate time with my Lord!   Of course, the evil one knows how to make it so easy for me to abandon personal time with the Lord.   However, I know the Lord is on a crusade to draw me closer to Him and I know that He will help me conquer my lack of private space and time for study, worship and prayer.

The thing with me is: short attention span.  I will do good for a while but then, I fade too easily.  So, my prayer is that I will not only have regular, consistent quiet time, but that I will stick with it – for life!

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