Posted by: alwaysrkp | April 15, 2009

Wifey Wednesdays


I do not know that I can add anything profound to Sheila’s Wifey Wednesday blog, but I can talk about me and my man.

Yes, we have our differences.  We are alike in a lot of ways.  Some of our “likenesses” are good and some – well, we both need to change.   But, we are willing to change.  However, we both need to be more deliberate in some areas and more consistent in others.

Our current living situation is so stressful and not normal…so we need to be intentional in doing the little things.  Things like: touching, kissing (it’s hard when you are around the in-laws all the time – in their house), saying uplifting things to each other, smiling, leaving notes for each other, or calling each other during the day “just because”.

We need to be more consistent in our prayer time together – once again, complicated by our living situation.  It is hard for the two of us to get private time to pray.  We cannot allow our living circumstances to be an excuse for not doing what we need to do or else we will always find an excuse.

My man leads an intercessory prayer group at our church.  Last year, our anniversary fell on intercessory prayer group night.  We were almost bummed that we could not go out and eat or do something together, but we did want to pray.  We got to the church and guess what?  No one else showed up.  This could have been an excuse to go out, but instead, we decided to spend our anniversary on our knees at the very altar where we committed to spend our lives together.  That was the sweetest prayer time that I have ever have experienced, and I have had some good prayer times!  It was better than any anniversary dinner or event that we could have thought up.

Remember the Christianize saying: “the couple that prays together, stays together”?  There is a lot of truth to the meaning behind that saying.

I do not want to ever focus on our differences – except, in the way that it shows how we “complete” each other.  I love my man and I am so deeply grateful to the Lord for allowing us to have each other!

Happy Wifey Wednesday!


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