Posted by: alwaysrkp | April 16, 2009

My Easter Weekend – a belated tale

It started on Thursday.  I was asked to be the Easter Bunny for our church Preschool Easter Egg Hunt.  Now, this was not a service that any many people were volunteering to do.  You must be relatively short to fit into the suit – and I had been told how hot it was.  I am a fairly agreeable person, so I thought, “Why not?  It’s only for a little while and I am a cold-natured being, so the costume should not be too hot for me.”  (My man has a pic of me, but I do not have it, so I cannot scan it just yet.)

Let me tell you – it was the best thing I have done in a long time.  I got SO many hugs!  Some of the children did not want to let me go – especially in the 3-4 age range.  I might have been hugged more than I was on my wedding day – and I was definitely squeezed and patted more than I ever have been before!  So, if you ever need some hugs, volunteer to be the bunny for your local preschool! (And yes, the suit was hot out in the sun, but in the shade with a breeze blowing it was fine.)

Friday night was our Good Friday service.  It is a simple service:  the scriptures from the Last Supper through the crucifixion are read with appropriate songs interspersed.  Then, we write our personal sins on yellow slips of paper and in a symbolic gesture, we each nail them to the wooden cross.  The men then carry the cross out to it’s place and put it in the ground while we follow silently. We sing a closing hymn and go home. This is my family’s favorite service of the year.

When you come for Sunday service – be it sunrise or otherwise – all the yellow slips of paper are gone from the cross – symbolizing that our sins have all been washed away by the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Then of course, lots of  “He Arose” types of songs fill the chapel.  They are all songs everyone knows, so all sing out and many with smiles of gratitude.  It is so refreshing.

My son really enjoyed the clue hunt we sent him on to find his Easter surprise and we went to see my Dad.  All in all, it was a very satisfying, rewarding and contemplative weekend.

I know that this is nearly a week past all these events, but I wanted to document them to remember what a blessed Easter weekend it was.


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