Posted by: alwaysrkp | April 22, 2009

Birthday Blessings

On Fridays, I work all day at my church doing preparations for Sunday services – I will wait to another time to tell you what an intense day it is for me. I mention this now only to preface my ramblings, and also to say: blogging is rare for me on weekends – Monday and Tuesday were extremely busy, so I am just now getting to write about my birthday blessings.

This last Friday, happened to be my birthday.  We were not planning anything big because all our energy and $ needs to go towards the house.  Yet, it started off nicely as my mil had already made breakfast for everyone and there were cards along with an unexpected modest monetary gift (for me to use on ME) awaiting.  Other than having a non-extravagant meal out that evening – that was all I was expecting.

Shortly after arriving at work, our florist called.  They had mistakenly delivered six red, long stem roses with greenery and baby’s breath to the church earlier in the week.  She told me to just keep them for myself – WOW.  I promptly clipped them and put them in a vase.  They were gorgeous (and still are- pic was taken today):robins-roses-002

My man likes a certain scent of body spray and lotion so I typically use that one (which I received for Christmas)…however, I had been given a spray at Christmas, which is absolutely delightful to me – particularly for spring and summer.  I needed the body lotion to go with it, as I have dry skin…but I had not dared to buy the coordinating lotion.  About mid-morning, a sweet church-goer brought me a beautiful orange gift bag – and behold – the very lotion I needed/wanted!  What a blessing!

And in my post, When you blog on your friend’s couch at 9pm, I mentioned a warm snuggly blanket that I had used one night while keeping my friend’s boys…did I mention the enormity of it (queen size)??…I have been wanting one of those blankets ever since.  I am extremely cold natured and that blanket was so big and warm and cuddly – indeed a comfort item and one that we could all snuggle under on the couch!  Early afternoon, in comes my friend with a large gift bag for me.  She told me that the blankets had been put on clearance and had all been sold.  She went to the store for something else, and there on the shelf, had appeared, ONE big, red, fuzzy, cuddly blanket (just like hers) – and she got it for me!  Wow – what a blessing!

And of course, there were the cards, the email & facebook brithday greetings which all gave joy to my soul.

God gives us blessings each and every day: the ability to walk, see, hear, be relatively pain free – to enjoy nature, to enjoy companionship and love of family & friends –  to experience the grace and mercy that only our Lord can give us.  But on my birthday,  He prompted others to bless me beyond my imagination!

Thank you to Him and thank you to them!

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