Posted by: alwaysrkp | May 7, 2009

When your comment starts sounding like a blog…

Then it is probably best to just write a blog and link back to the blog you were trying to comment on!

So, I will post on THURSDAY a Wife Wednesday post.


I second all Sheila said in her post (Wifey Wednesday: The Building Blocks) about building our relationships with the Lord so that we can build our relationships with our husbands.  The closer to God my man and I get, the closer to each other we are.  It SO AWESOME to pray together or discuss God’s word together.  I cannot tell you how it thrills my soul.  I do admit that we get lax about that sometimes…not good!

My most amorous time is after church. During church, we always sit close, hold hands or touch slightly in some way. Soft, wispy touches. If it weren’t for the fact that I get bombarded after church with people needing help and then have to come home  to my in-law’s house….

(Side note: we DO listen to the sermon and take notes…I think that’s what makes the touches so sweet because our minds are focused on God’s word- but we are in God’s house and presence together.)


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