Posted by: alwaysrkp | June 15, 2009

Fallen off the Blog wagon

I seem to have fallen off the Blog wagon.  C2’s last three weeks of school were quite busy for me.  I proctored EOG tests two different weeks (the first take and then again for children who had to re-take the exams).  The week in-between was busy getting C2 and his class ready for a Wax Museum/chocolate party.  Me and my co-gradeparent had errands to run for the class in addition to coming up with costumes for our children. C2 was Ben Franklin.  Then, last week, I just had so much work to do to get caught up from all the school busyness.

I will soon be up on the list on Blessed Arrows as the lady ahead of me is very close to being funded.  I am excited for her because she has been on the waiting list so long and I am excited for me and a bit scared too.  Once I am funded, I still need $1200-$1500 of my own money to have my reversal.  Will have to leave that to the Lord who provides.

I am still in much thought about what to do about my biological mother’s life story.  I have a strong desire to go visit my grandmother who is mentally ill and quite elderly to try to glean from her any facts that I do not know about my biological mother.  I would also like for her brothers and sister (my uncles and aunt) to tell me anything they know that I do not.  However, this would mean an out-of-state trip, time off from work and the money to handle being off work and traveling to another state.  Again, if it is meant to be, the Lord will have to work that one out.

My 20th high school reunion is this summer – if the above worked out, I could kill two birds with one trip – but I am not counting my eggs until they hatch (after all, I am a Robin)….please forgive my corniness…this is what happens when one does not write for a while!

I have missed writing.  I so long to have a laptop at which I could type out my thoughts and the things in my heart.  Right now I am confined to my work laptop and using the pc at home when my man is not doing school work.  However, I find that my words come easier sititng with the laptop in a comfortable chair.

Enough rambling…just needed to document that I am still kicking and document an overview of my last few weeks so I do not forget where time has gone.

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