Posted by: alwaysrkp | July 20, 2009

Bogs, falls, logs and a…..

Saturday I had the privilege of sharing the day with a good friend.   She is a flower enthusiast – especially if echinacea, dahlia or orange are involved.  She knew of this rare opening of  a local nursery/gardens by the name of Plant Delights.  This place grows the things other places do not.  And they only open 2 weekends per season to the public.  (The rest of the year you order on-line or by phone.) The people’s yard and many acres are gardens that others would charge admission to.  The owner particularly likes to grow what he has been told will not be grown in our 7b zone.  We spent over three hours in this plant and flower heaven on earth.  There were waterfalls and rocking chairs in the forest to sit in.  There were bogs and streams and the biggest, brightest hibiscus you will ever see.  There were blue salamanders, driftwood logs and enough plants and flowers that it must take an army of people to maintain it all.  Perhaps the most enchanting moment was when this guy wafted around us from flower to flower:


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