Posted by: alwaysrkp | July 27, 2009

Not my child Monday

In response to Multi-Tasking Mama’s “Not my child” Monday post:

None of these things could possibly be true about my child:

We did NOT discover on Friday night that C2 had not showered for six whole days.  He was NOT looking like he had waded through a dirty swamp.  He did NOT think that this was perfectly fine and that he should wait until Saturday night to get clean.

My child does NOT look like he went walking through a bramble of thorns and then skidded to a stop in a pile of rocks which ate him up from back to toe.

My child did not forget his place in this world TWICE over the weekend and did NOT open his mouth and say things to his mother and grandmother which caused his backside to hurt considerably and tears to come out his eyes.  WHO does he NOT think he is?

And my child NEVER has issues with his bowels – NOT ever!


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