Posted by: alwaysrkp | July 30, 2009

Putting THRIFT back in Thrift Shop

I was just reading Tracey Buxton from Notes from a Cottage Industry and her post How ’bout we put the THRIFT back in Thrift shop? .  Amen sister!

One of my favorite things is to find items (housewares, etc) that I can go to Wal-Mart, Target or Michael’s and pay LESS for than what GW has priced them for.  These folks honestly have no idea about pricing.  And how many times did I think I got a great clothing deal (which I picked up in a huge hurry and did not examine it closely) only to get it home and find that it needed such a major repair that I chunked it. I totally agree that pricing is getting out of control.  I used to get children’s books for .10, .25 and occasionally .50.  Now, it is .50 for a torn paperback Golden Book and $1 for anything in better condition.

In fairness, I do not suppose these folks have worked in fashion or home design – or they would not be working at GW…and they do have to pay the wages, electric and building costs. However, my local GW does a LOT of business…I cannot imagine that they are not raking in oodles of cash without having outrageous prices.

Our local, renowned Durham Rescue Mission has recently opened their version of a Thrift store near our GW…I have donated but have not yet had the chance to shop.  I do intend to check it out, b/c if the prices are nearly as good or better, I would much rather spend my dollars where I KNOW the money is going straight to helping people in real need – money that is helping these people get trained to work real jobs, that helps them overcome addictions and reconcile with families and more importantly – Jesus.


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