Posted by: alwaysrkp | August 25, 2009


We are FINALLY moving into the new house – loan is not final yet, but the bank gave us the nod to move in.

Unpacking is so overwhelming to me.  You have to decide WHERE to put everything.  I really dislike unpacking.

My dear MIL has been WONDERFUL with helping me to unpack so far.  She has washed an entire kitchen’s worth of dishes so far and several towels and rags.

In my head, I seem to have vague recollections of friends offering to help me unpack and organize…now who were they?

I had wondered, besides the in-laws, what would be our FIRST entertaining event and who would be there.  Well, C2 decided that for us.  Tomorrow C2 will be 9 – do you hear me – 9!  He started fourth grade today.  I am not ready!  R2 is already on his own.  They grow so fast!  Sorry, I digress.

So our first entertaining will be family and a tiny handful of friends to help celebrate this birthday (that I really wish were not happening, can’t we go back to being 4 or 5?).

We will spend our first night in the house tomorrow night in honor of C2’s birthday – and also because our brains are really forgetful are not as young as his, we know if we do it on the birthday, he will help us remember when we moved in!

I promise to post house pics soon.

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