Posted by: alwaysrkp | August 31, 2009

Grape tomatoes

Odd title, eh?

I was peeping in to see if Meredith had blogged anything over at Like Merchant Ships and her pic reminded me of a blessing that came to me 4 years ago.

I had an inkling for grape tomatoes.  I do not know why – I come from a rural area and fat, juicy tomatoes are the way to go in my book.  But I really wanted those little grape tomatoes for the 5-10 salads I ate each week.  I looked high and low for grape tomato plants – knowing I had seen them previously.  However, it was a wee bit into the planting season and I was apparently too late because no nursery around had them (and one does not exactly walk into Lowe’s or Home Depot to get grape tomato plants – Big Boys, yes, grape – no).  There were no grape tomato plants to be had.

I might mention, that my mother had just died about a year prior, my dad was living alone 10 hours away and lonely and my eldest was giving me a great deal of grief.

I was sad that I had no grape tomato plant.

One day, I noticed a plant growing in front of the downspout of the gutter next to the carport – the only downspout that came down in front of an iron trellis of the carport.  I thought “hmm, that resembles a small tomato plant” – I thought about pulling it, but for some reason, I left it alone.

Indeed, it was a tomato plant.  I was fascinated by it so I let it grow and grow – it got plenty of sun (the only true sunny place I had in that yard) and had all the water it needed (from the downspout) to grow.  It grew and grew and grew.  It was 4 feet tall, then 5….then the tomatoes came – and yes, you guessed it, THEY WERE GRAPE TOMATOES!!!  The plant grew to over 8 feet tall and had literally hundreds of tomatoes on it on any given day despite the hundreds that I gave away.

I would sit and try to count them, I was AWED that God cared about this tiny little thing that was on my heart.  I wanted a grape tomato plant and He gave me one.  I imagined Him whispering to some bird to pick up a seed and drop it in the only perfect place that I had to grow a tomato plant.

(By the way, it was the only tomato plant to ever grow successfully at that house.)

Isn’t God just amazing!?!

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