Posted by: alwaysrkp | September 13, 2009

BIG and SpudBags

Do you know what a SpudBag is?

It’s a larger than life alternative to the bean bags, which, over time, become flat.  It is NOT flat. They are all big, but some of them are REALLY BIG.

We have a BIG basement and since the BIG tv is down there for kiddos or the occasional family movie time, I have been wanting a BIG Spudbag for C2  – or me – or other kiddos to perch on while relaxing in front of the gargantuan TV (no it’s not a huge flat screen, it’s a monster of a tv that my parents owned).

Now this is not one of those things that I asked the Lord for –  after all, who asks the Lord for a SpudBag – especially when we have so many actual “needs” and this was just a want…

Went to work Friday.  In the hall there was a BIG SpudBag.  Now this was not totally surprising as one of our former preschool dads had a SpudBag business and every year he donated one or two SpudBag to the preschool classes for reading time.

Turns out the ginormous SpudBag was donated by someone but it was too big for the classroom and a huge distraction for the little ones.

I came home with one FREE, BIG, BLUE SPUDBAG.

Totally a Blessing from God – no two ways about it…kinda like grape tomatoes….

And that’s not the only blessing God gave me this weekend, but I’ll save the other one for the next blog!

Oh, and I’ll post a pic later too!


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