Posted by: alwaysrkp | September 16, 2009

Food: A Desperate Cry for Help

Wifey Wednesday

Another Wifey Wednesday post in response to Sheila’s call for them…

Me…a pick eater, so I thought.  I am NOT picky.  I may be a food snob, but picky? No.  This I learned when I had to start cooking for my man…

W-H-O   I-S  -a- VERY PICKY EATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me + My man = C2:- a V-E-R-Y  INCREDIBLY PICKY EATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These two guys have sucked all the life out of cooking fun.  I like to cook, well, most of the time.

My man doesn’t eat raisins (with the exception of chocolate covered ones), pumpkin, cinnamon, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, salmon or cilantro and rarely tuna.  He’s not thrilled about cabbage (but can eat slaw) or peas, or carrots.  (Actually the list is much longer, I just cannot remember all the NOs right now).  He does not like pasta – but LOVES spaghetti (which Rach Ray & other truly Italian folks say is not meant to be eaten with meat sauce).  He will not eat chicken more than twice in one week – and that has to be white meat -, but also does not eat beef and will only succumb to pork occasionally.  He can handle tilapia once a week.  He balks at eating salad more than twice a week.  He does not want sandwiches and rarely soup for supper.  This is a guy that thinks you must have 1-2 other vegetables with lasagna, salad and bread!

Neither of us want unhealthy food or fried food very often (with the exception of his chocolate addiction and my love of java)…so cross off hot dogs, boxed, frozen meals, all easy, quick – not-homemade meals, etc.  Neither of us like fatty foods.  I am supposed to keep my sodium between 1000-1500 mgs per day.  I cannot eat MSG or any of it’s cousins so that I can avoid debilitating migraines.  I also must keep my sugar low (trying to avoid the inevitable diabetes in my genes).

Do the math – you run out of food options ideas FAST.   Especially easy food.

My man is so picky that I have been known (on countless occasions) to call him while standing IN the grocery store and I quote “What are you willing to eat tonight?”

Him: “Anything”


I dare not cook anything questionable without prior consensus, or else, he will simply NOT eat it.

To give him credit, he will eat quinoa, whole wheat, bison occasionally, and a few other healthy options I have come up with.

I have yet to resolve this issue….I am open to suggestions.

So, Sheila, mine is not a solution, but a desperate cry for help!


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