Posted by: alwaysrkp | September 21, 2009

Coffee Makers and Missing Teeth

A few days ago, I said that I would post about another blessing I did not ask for but God granted anyway.

A friend has this coffee pot:  

This pot grinds your beans for you, then makes the coffee when you tell it to.   Tim Hawkins would totally make fun of the lazy woman’s approach to a good brew. However,  I envision waking up to the wonderful aroma of freshly ground beans and the hot caffeinated liquid that those ground beans transform my filtered water into.  Right now, I have to drag myself to the pot, get out the grinder, get out the beans, grind the beans (i.e., wake up all living souls in the house)…then add filter, add ground beans, add filtered water to the pot, put up the beans and the grinder and WAIT, hover, salivate and grunt at anyone who wants me to talk.

I had commented to my friend that I had been wanting one but did not want to spend the moo-lah on it.  My love of java is not shared by my man and he would not understand me spending that much money on something that makes coffee….now if it spat out milk chocolate – he would totally be in for it.

However, in all good sense, there are myriads of other things that would make better use of any extra funds that I come upon.

Above mentioned friend found the pot at a yard sale (practically brand new) for $2 because it is missing an $8 (+ shipping) lid….the owner left the country and asked his sister to get rid of his stuff….TWO WHOLE DOLLARS.


THANK YOU LORD for making that man go back to Germany and for making his sister want to get rid of his stuff super cheap in her yard!!! And for making my friend stop at that yard sale and for giving her a heart that is big, kind and caring!!!!

Yet another blessing – but this one I DID ask for.

I have two teeth that are not my own.  I had them as baby teeth.  My mother’s diary will prove it.  But, somehow I lost the permanent ones clean out of my head.  The baby ones had to be pulled by my orthodontist before I got braces – because the permanent teeth were not there to push the baby teeth out.  I am weird, but at least I know it.

Now, these teeth are not hid in the back of my mouth. They are on top – and in front – where the whole world would notice if they happened to be missing.

I have bridgework that holds those teeth in place.  In 1997, when this bridgework was put in, it cost $9000.  The Lord had blessed me with TWO dental insurances and I was extra blessed to only pay $100 for those two $9000 fake teeth.

The adhesive that holds the bridgework in place is wearing off.  It is supposed to.  The adhesive generally lasts 10-15 years.  Problem is, I now have NO dental insurance.  I applied at the UNC dental school to see if I could get in.  The emergency dentist (who saw me to see if the teeth were going to fall out right away) told me that only 250 people were accepted every 3 months – out of 1000+ applicants.  These 250 people are chosen randomly by a computer.  See, if people were making the choices, I would be on the top of the list because the dental school does not see too many cases like mine and would LOVE to get a chance to work on me (aren’t I special?!?).

So I put in an application….after I filled it out, I held it and I prayed that the Lord would let me be one of the 250 chosen this quarter.  Guess what?  A letter came today – I was chosen!  WOO HOO!!!!  In 6-9 months( and several hundred dollars later), I will have 2 new teeth.

If these come out before then, a red headed friend of mine has suggested the use of super glue and has even offered to watch me attempt to do this without getting the glue on my tongue….she said it would be great entertainment.

I’m sure it would.  Let’s pray she does not get that opportunity!!!  🙂


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