Posted by: alwaysrkp | September 28, 2009

My mind and heart overflow….

My heart and mind are just FULL of things to think about and do!

My cousin (who was my bestest friend as a young child and who is the only cousin older than me – by a mere 14 months) and her family are coming to NC next weekend for a visit.  This is the first time she has visited me here in NC and thank the GOOD LORD I have a house to house them in!  I am so looking forward to this familial fellowship.  I so rarely get to be with family…and NEVER on my turf!

I am extremely grateful to a friend who is going to let me and my cousin’s family crash at her beach place for a couple (or few) nights (our choice).

The tubal reversal doctors think I have enough tube left to piece back together.  I have a 46% chance (by their statistics) of actually conceiving and carrying a baby to full term at my age.  Thank God our reason for wanting the reversal is not only for the possibility of more children.  More children would be awesome – and definitely a gift from God.  But, I want to put my body back to the design God crafted.  “God opens the womb and God closes the womb” was a phrase that came up time and time again when a Sunday School class I was in some years ago did a study of women in the Bible.  But when I had the tubal ligation that I did NOT want to have, I took control of that area out of God’s hands and placed it in mine.  This was a terrible mistake and I knew before the doctors ever put me under – and oh the conviction I felt afterwards.   There is also the added thing that having your tubes tied can cause early menopause and seeing that I already have PMDD – early menopause is not on the list of things I want to deal with anytime soon.

I have a friend who is going through a really rough time, but she is resting in the Lord and she (and her situation) is ever in my prayers.

I have a younger friend who I suspect is in a bad situation and dealing with it in the right way is of upmost importance and I really wish the Lord would chosen to have revealed these things to someone else.  But He chose me…yet again.

I love, love, love being in our own home.

I have a bizillion things to do at home and really wish God would send someone to help me.

I have such a burning in me to help women and teen girls!!!

I feel a speech to a ladies group coming on….

I absolutely adore my Awana girls (and guy) and am so BLESSED that God put them in my life!

I adore even more, my man.  He is working so hard these days and has a huge plate but He still serves the Lord, loves his family, strives to be a better person/Christian and understands when God asks me to minister and it takes away from other things that I really need to do at home. (and I’m not referring to things I WANT to do and skip housework- I mean, things God did not give me a choice about and that cause me to be doing laundry at 11pm….and things that cause me to be on my knees at 3am.

I am proud of C2 for trying so hard at his new school.

I really, really like C2’s new school.

I’m still waiting for that laptop – but we’re also waiting for our wireless internet connection to speed up to something beyond dial-up speed!

I really like this time of the year.  Autumn is my favorite season.

God is good – ALL THE TIME.  His mercies are new EVERY morning.  He loves us even when we don’t feel loved.  He shelters us in the storm.  He lifts us above the clamour of the world.  He forgives us each and every time we fail.  He loves us despite our failures.  He delights in our Praise to Him.  We can never outdo or out give Him.  He is Almighty, Powerful, Compassionate, Unfailing, the Light in a dark world, the Wings under which we can hide.

Ok – I’m over 700 words -I’d better stop!



  1. How sweet of mentioning me in your blog! I love you, too and am looking forward to visiting with you on your turf!

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