Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 1, 2009

Wifey Wednesday Post (albeight in 94 minutes late)


In response to Sheila (To Love, Honor and Vacuum)’s question about resolving conflict in marriage.

I have learned that when my man and I have a disagreement, I need to take a moment (even if it is in my head while I am staring right at him) to ask God to change us.  I ask God to show each of us where we are wrong and to help us to change.  I ask God to help us meet in the middle, or whatever the proper percentage is.  I tell God that if I am wrong, to please show me and if he is wrong to be please show him.

My man and I are both independent, strong-willed people. (C2 is proof of that,) We used to have some doozy of fights.  But the prayer works.  See, it humbles me which helps me to react better to him.  It also helps him to calm down and react (because the Lord is working in him too).

Now, our disagreements are generally very mild and on the rare occasion that we have words, if I am faithful to pray in the midst of the conflict, we get over it in a matter of minutes…rather than being mad for hours.

I really love that man of mine and the last thing I want is conflict between us!  I’m so glad God answers prayer!


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