Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 5, 2009

It’s not quite Martha Stewart…

The steps of our house were inspired by a picture in the Sept ’08 Edition of Martha Stewart Living.

We had debated what to do with the steps.  We could not get anyone to come out just to pour concrete steps to match the concrete porch, and I really did not want concrete steps.  Somehow, wooden steps just did not sound right.  It did not seem that they would match the rest of the trim of the house.  Then I saw this picture.


White steps on a brick house – it works! The thing that set these steps off (besides the awesome pumpkins and mums) was the fact that the landing of each is painted a color other than white.

So we did this:


Well, it’s not quite Martha Stewart…but we’re working on it.  And, this picture does not do it justice, it was getting dark when I took it.  Our trim color is off-white and our other colors are green and brown…you have to see it in real life to get a good feel.  Of course, this is only the front door and does not show the rest of the front porch (which is not decorated)….


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