Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 7, 2009

Wifey Wednesday – A willing spirit and prayer!

Wifey Wednesday

It’s time for the usual Wifey Wednesday post.  I am so glad for these posts and Sheila’s calling to do Wifey Wednesday.  We as women need to be true wives as God has called us to.  The world would have us believe that being a wife means being independent, not being told what to do, never letting our husbands rule over us….you know – feminism!

The reality is, God has called us women to be free in our submission to our Godly husbands.  He has called us to the freedom of being women of God.  He has called us to love our husbands, even when we want to choke them.  He has called us to love and revere our men.  He has called us to pray for them, to honor them, to praise them and he has called us to be “ladies” to our men.

I love my man fervently and want to do all I can to let him, and the world, know it.

My moment of commitment to my man came long before we were married.

We are both extremely strong willed and I was incredibly independent.  We had hit more than one or two rough patches in our relationship and that is putting it mildly.  But a moment came, and I remember it very vividly, when I was overwhelmed with the fact that because I loved this man, I needed to be committed to the relationship and be willing to fight for it by prayer and perseverance through every bad moment, no matter how rough.  Many would have thought that we should have just gone our separate ways, but I knew it was the voice of the Lord speaking to me that day – and with His Help, we could do anything.  I turned my strong-will into an irreversible battle to make the relationship work in Christ.  It was not easy.  God shaved a lot of rough edges off of both of us in the process.

Fast forward to our wedding day.  Our ceremony was a reflection of what God had already done in our relationship and the trials we knew would still surely come.  Instead of lighting one candle each for the unity candle, we lit seven each – signifying the ongoing work and effort that any relationship must have, to become “one”.  It also signified that our relationship with Christ takes continual effort if it is going to be one of true love.  It also signified that as we come closer to God, we come closer to each other.  (Our minister explained all this to the congregation.)  In true keeping with real life, I had trouble getting one of the candles lit, and after what some thought was an uncomfortable amount of time, my man reached over to help me.  We laughed because we thought “how true – we have to help each other, we cannot do it all alone.”   We did not think it awkward at all.

Because of working through our earlier trials and relying on God to change each one of us in the ways we need to be changed, our relationship is rock-solid.  We have both changed for the better.    I depend on my man – and he is the first person that I have ever fully been able to trust my heart with.  I am willing to submit to his will. I rest in his spiritual leadership of our home.  I do things without grumbling (out loud anyway) that before I would never have done for him or anyone else.  I understand true love for the first time in my life.  This a mere sampling of the good that has come about in our relationship.

We constantly pray for change in our hearts and lives because we know our frailties as humans.  We know our faults.  We want to be changed into vessels God can use and we want to have the best relationship with each other as is humanly possible.  We pray for each other.  We pray together.  We pray along side each other.  When we don’t want to bend our will to the other – we pray.  When we want to be mad or pout – we pray.

Bottom line to a successful relationship: a willing spirit and prayer!


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