Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 9, 2009

Laptop bliss…

Oh finally, my sweet laptop is here – THIS is my first post from my new companion.

Last night I was able to look up “how to remove rust from bathtub” from my kitchen counter!  Yes, new house – rust spots in tub! (The plumbers had to leave water standing in the tub for inspection…)

And check my email

And check on my peeps on facebook & msg with my BFF…

And see that a fellow Blessed Arrows member had her long awaited baby (and that he is in NICU for breathing problems)

And post a message to Blessed Arrows to let everyone the above news…

And C2 practiced keyboarding while I put dishes away

Thank you Lord for this blessing of laptop bliss! (even if it is a silly thing)


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