Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 11, 2009


The price of…

Taking out-of-state family to the beach…

– 3 emails to friend who owns condo at the beach,

– a bit of my pride for asking her to let us use the condo

– a bit of cash to cover the utilities & owner’s inconvenience

– getting the van running again so that 3 children and 2 women can ride to the beach before the man

– tank of gas + a bit more to get there & back

– a few groceries, 1 lunch and 1 supper

– missing my man b/c he had to stay behind to

– work

– feed a man’s cats

– go to school

– Having c2 get cold  (and be puny) while on mini-vacation with family


– the joy of seeing a three and four year old see the sand and sea for the very first time.

– the delight of their mother as she removes her shoes and feels the sand for the first time in several years and watches her children

– the childlike glee of their dad after he has rolled up his pant legs and pranced in the water like a nine year old

– the conviction in my heart as I hear the mom repeatedly say “I’d like to have….but I’m just glad to have…”  or “I’d like to have….but I am blessed to have…” as she thought of nicer things she would like to have (that most of us already own and take for granted) but realizes she needs to be/is grateful for what she does have (that I am sure most of us would totally gripe about)

– Seeing my cousin rediscover and delight in who she is (physically, mentally & spiritually) nine months after she had a stroke at age 39 and realizes…

– that she know she must take care of the body God gave her

– that she cannot take life for granted

– that she wants to do more for her precious Lord who has given her a 2nd chance…




  1. “The joy of seeing…”

    That’s the phrase that stood out to me.

    Thanks, btw, for stopping by Seedlings in Stone recently. 🙂

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