Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 16, 2009

Sick, bored and grateful

What to do when when you have the flu…

– my legs are too weak to stand so we cannot bake, or do laundry or housework

– my throat hurts too much to read aloud

– my concentration is ZIP, so I cannot read to myself  longer than a few minutes

– being sick and weak, I cannot go anywhere

– too weak to get up and down the stairs so we cannot watch a movie in the basement

– there is no TV upstairs…

So I can only lay on the couch with my laptop…on a Friday night, my man working…

and after spending the greater portion of four days laying on this couch…

I’m still sick and bored

But I am SO thankful for this home

I am so grateful for this couch

I am so grateful that my man can work

I am so glad we do not spend our lives in front of the TV

I am glad there are chores to do and that normally, I have the health to do them.

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