Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 26, 2009

NC Blogger Bash Epistle

Despite my inability to feel GREAT, a group of ladies made me forget that I was not 100% Saturday night at the NC Blogger Bash.

Let me start by saying, NO, I do NOT have pics!  Why?  Because I knew that my pitiful digital camera would not stand up to all the mega cams of these blog queens.  I thought we would all be better off looking at the pics on their blogs!  Prepare!… many links to come.  What I do not have in pics, I make up for in words!

Coffeegal organized this event so that we could meet some of the NC ladies’ we know so well through blogs.  As always, Coffeegal was the perfect hostess.  She is gracious (she gave us gifts she made with Clinton), charming, funny and real.

We were blessed by the very fun June from Bye Bye Pie (I am the one in kelly green with demon eyes).  She survived our group of conservative women with no scars or bruises.  I think everyone was honored to meet her.  Naturally, she kept us laughing!

(No, Coffeegal did not specify that we needed to be Christian and conservative…it just so happened that we pretty much were.)

I sat next to Seasoned Sister who JUST started her blog (so please visit her).  She made me feel right at home (since several of the bloggers knew each other).   Seasoned Sister is the mother of New Every Morning,  who was at the opposite end of the table.  I did not get to talk to her very much.   However, I noticed that she had a peaceful smile nearly the whole time (when she wasn’t downright laughing).

Across from me was Rachel (incredibly sweet, cute and has gorgeous pics on her blog), Squishy Baby’s mom (aka Life with the Lords) – who had THE MEGA CAMERA and super cute baby pics on her blog – she made me very glad that my rinky dink stayed in the car, and Tracey from the NC Brownings.  Tracey also smiled the whole night.  I think she even smiled when she talked about things that irritated her.  It takes a lot of practice to be able to do that!

Amy from My Bambino Bliss was seated nearby.  I enjoyed hearing her talk about her extra-special bambinos.  Read more on her blog.  And thank you Amy for posting the only good pic of me!   Carpoolqueen was near as well.  She’s a great lady.  She has an awesome story and is funny – she also makes her own tortillas so she has to be cool!  The last to be near enough for a bit of conversation was Janel from Dandelion Dayz.  She (like me) is slow to posting about the NC Blogger Bash so I have no idea if she has any good pics or not…

At the FAR end of the table, mostly out of hearing range of my don’t-work-very-well-in-loud-crowd ears, was

– a Faithful Reader of several of these blogs.  I actually know her, as she, Coffeegal and myself all attended the same church a few years ago.  She does not have a blog.  How sad.  She has an amazing story to tell.  I know.  Come on Faithful Reader, get a BLOG already.

The Chubby Dove -and no, she’s not chubby.  She’s very new to our area, having recently moved here, but was brave enough to come out and meet a bunch of women she did not know.  Isn’t amazing how this past time connects us all so?

KR & Company – she says that she does not blog as much as she reads blogs, so she was there as more a reader…but I saw some funny stuff on her blog!

This was an awesome group of women.  They were all gorgeous, witty, friendly and a joy to be around.  My ears hurt from straining to hear so hard all night b/c I did not want to miss anything.  I did mostly listen b/c there was so much to hear.  Besides making me want a better camera, they also made me want to be better at some things.  Iron sharpening iron is always a great thing.  I had a great time and cannot wait for the next one.

Thank you Coffeegal!!



  1. I had so much fun! I’m glad you were at our end of the table!! btw, KR is just as hilarious in person as on her blog. She talks just like she writes! Your recap was terrific!!

  2. It was definitely a great evening, and I’m so glad to meet you!!

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