Posted by: alwaysrkp | October 29, 2009

Friends Forever?

friends forever

Sheila of To Love, Honor & Vacuum is spotlighting the book  “Sacred Friendships” today and sharing some interview questions that she asked of authors Bob Kelleman and Susan Ellis.

This particular question Sheila asked really rang home with me.

Sheila: To tell you the truth, I’ve had great friends at different periods of my life, but today I have few friends I talk to on a regular basis that go back more than 10 years. I seem to have friends, change cities, and then move on. Does that make me a bad friend? Have we lost the art of lifelong friendships?

Susan: We think it makes you quite normal, frankly! And, the fact that you’re asking the question strikes us as a great sign that you have a passionate heart for spiritual friendships….

(please click on the link above and read the entire “Do You Have Sacred Friendships” post…I could not link directly to it.  You can also click on a link to buy the book at 40% off right now – and I think that I will do that.)

I often think about this subject re: my friends.  It seems that many of my closest friends have had to move away. Maybe we just no longer see each other on a regular basis because we do not attend church together, or do not work together, are not in the same organization together, etc.  Irregardless, the end result is: less communication, drifting apart.

I have had this happen so often that I start dreading it the instant I know I will not be around my friend(s) as often.

I am not the kind to insert myself into someone else’s busy life without a great big, fat invitation to do so – at least, not most of the time.  Therefore, I tend to crawl into my turtle shell.  Eventually, I feel like a bad friend.

However, I think about these friends quite frequently, usually daily.  I wonder what they are doing, how the children are, how the husband is.  I wonder who they have celebrated life’s victories with and who they have to confide their troubles to. They are not far from my heart, so why don’t I follow suit with my actions and get in there and start being a good friend? I think I may need to overcome my social inadequacies aka confidence!

Yes, we do Facebook, email and blogs…but still it’s not the same.  Thoughts?


  1. About three years ago, one of my best friends and her family went on a 2 year missionary assignment to Singapore. No one was sure if they would return to the States after 2 years, so this could have been ‘goodbye’ for a lot longer. During that time, through the blessing of internet phone service and emails, our friendship grew more than it would have if she had stayed here. After two years, she and her family returned to the same house and the same ‘livin’ in the US’ kinda schedule. I actually ‘talked’ to her more while she was in Singapore than I do now! But, the friendship is solid. Only God could have done that.

    That being said, I think there are seasons for friendships. God brings people into our lives and He also removes them. He knows how much time we have to dedicate to friendships…so, as with everything else, it all goes back to seeking His will, even in the area of friendships.

    Thanks for making me think!

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