Posted by: alwaysrkp | November 3, 2009

How do we cope with our problems?


Acquaintances of ours have recently been the recipients of very bad medical news.  It is overwhelming, concerning and yes, it could be depressing.  Some ladies (Christian) were gathered with the wife for support in a time of tears.  They listened, empathized…and then, asked her if her and her husband were going to get on nerve pills.  I quote “You are going to need something.  You can’t get through this without them”.  “Something” and “them” referring to antidepressants and nerve medications.
No offer to pray with her.  No talk of leaning on the Lord.  No reaching out to our Almighty Father and healer for help.
Instead, a five minute discussion on taking PILLS for our problems.
I was flabbergasted.  It did not even cross the minds of those involved to seek the Lord FIRST.  (In all fairness, I am sure all involved had been praying about this situation, but that was not what was voiced.) The first vocal reaction was to turn to pills.
Please understand, I am not knocking the use of medicines.  I have, in the past, had to take my share of them.  I still struggle with depression a few times a year.  For me, the best option has been to dig deeper into the Word of God and hit my knees.  However, I do not walk in anyone else’s shoes.  My parents were both on these type of medicines the last 18 months of my mom’s life.  I certainly know that meds have their place when they are needed.
It was unfathomable to me that these women turned to medicine as this lady’s hope rather than turn to the Savior.   Naturally, I suggested we pray.  The lady seemed very appreciate of the offer.
This incident disturbed me – and thus this post.  It really bothers me that Christians would so readily ASSUME someone was going to need medicinal help to cope with a problem.
Does this bother anyone else, or do you think I am over-reacting?  How do we cope with our problems?
(Sorry for the bit of a rant.)


  1. When I was at the receiving end of this kind of news last year, I was so blessed that my friends surrounded me with Christian love and support. They all showed up at my door one night and we sat around on my living room floor and cried and prayed together for at least an hour. This lifted me up more than I can say. More than any pill ever could have. My oncologist has offered several times to write me a prescription for “something”. I always politely decline. I am so thankful that I did not receive the same kind of reaction that your acquaintance did. And if I had been in your shoes, I would be feeling the same way that you are. I’m sure your offer of prayer meant a great deal to her, and hopefully was a reminder to everyone else that the Lord is the only place where our spirits can find true peace and rest. I agree that medications have their time and place, but putting all our faith and hope into them is a dangerous place to be. She is blessed to have you in her life.

    So glad you to be able to comment on your blog now. 🙂

    • I’m glad to see these comments from someone who has walked in your shoes. Thank you for the edification! I am thankful that the worst of your situation is over. But, I also am aware b/c of you – that survivors need a lot of help as well.

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