Posted by: alwaysrkp | November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom


Mom age 18 - High School Graduation Day

Today would be your 68th birthday.  You have been gone from this earth for 5 years, 6 months and 5 days.  That would be about 2013 days.   I have missed you every one of them.   C2 cries bucketfuls every time he thinks of you – and in true man fashion – he tries to stop thinking about you when that happens.  I know you are so happy in Paradise.  You waited so long to be with your Lord.  I’m sure for you, it seems as though it feels like you have only been there a short while.

I have found that you rubbed off on me more than I knew.  I find comfort in that.  I want to do some of the good things you did.  When other people are motherly, I feel an overwhelming desire to cling to those people – but I have better sense (thankfully).

I still do not have your creativity, discipline or humor – no matter how hard I wish for it.  I’m sitting on my bed,  looking at the quilt you made for me.  You spent many hours getting every detail just right.  That’s how you were…everything had to be just right and you had the patience and tenacity to see every project through to the last detail.  As I looked at pictures of you last night there were many smiles that said “I’m up to something!”  That’s so you!

You were so full of life.  I wish we had been able to spend more time together.  You got me so late in life and then you were gone from this life so soon.  And, I moved to another state (but remember, I didn’t want to!).

You will be pleased to know that my man is indeed taking great care of me, so you will not need to haunt him, after all.  R2, can you believe he is 18!?  c2 never ceases to amaze me.  We could use your prayers and parenting advice!

Me?  I am good.   I’m learning to hold my tongue more (you cannot take credit for that one).  I want to be humble and wise.  I finally understand the verse about Mary “she kept all these things in her heart and pondered them”.  I have many things in my heart to ponder.  Things you would have understood perfectly.  Some days a long chat with you sure would soothe my soul.  I turn to the Lord more on those days.

I’m sure you do not celebrate birthdays anymore – at least not earthly birthdays.  Maybe you celebrate your homecoming.  I think about that every April 30th.  I count the time, but I bet you do not.

Irregardless, this isn’t for you  – it’s for me.  I cannot go to your graveside (10 hours is a LONG way to go to put flowers on a grave).  I’m wishing great flowers for your grave…does that count?   SO  since I cannot go to your graveside, this post will serve as my birthday visit.

I love you and miss you!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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