Posted by: alwaysrkp | December 1, 2009

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge

I saw a discussion on TV recently in which it was stated that men have been physically affected by the economy more than women.  (The conversation was a bit more graphic than this post.)  Because men get their sense of purpose from their jobs/careers, any negativity in the work place affects them greatly.  If they did not get a great review, took a cut in pay, are worrying about job security, or lost their job – they take a great hit in their psyche.  Of course, this was all a worldly view, but certainly true of most men.

As I told my man, I do understand this.  However, I believe that all Christians should have a slightly different perspective.  A guy’s sense of purpose should come partly from his relationship with Christ.  However, being that men are the providers of the home, it is only natural for them to take great stock emotionally in their jobs.

Ladies, I also said that I believe if we women were doing as good a job of encouraging our men as we should, I think our men would be more fulfilled.

I can say this, because I immediately recognized my own discrepancies.  My man has had a roller coaster ride of emotions related to work over the last 3 or 4 years.  I saw God bring him completely to his knees.  God wanted my man to realize that he could not depend on himself, but that his help comes from the Lord.

I think a lot of good things about my man.  And I think more good things as each day passes. I feel these good things.  I am not good at expressing them.  Nope. No sirrey!  I can eke out an encouraging letter occasionally…but on a daily basis…well, I kinda stink at it.  Does he know that I think these good thoughts?  Well, maybe a little.  We do talk about it occasionally.  But I need daily practice.

So I went a searchin.   I found just the right thing.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ website posts 30 day challenges.  Being that today is the first of December, what a better day, better time of year, and what a wonderful gift to give to our men, but 30 days of encouragement. You can go here to read or download the 30 days of  Husband Encouragement and you can register to get encouraging emails during your 30 day challenge.

I have looked over the 30 days of challenge, and I believe this will help me to encourage my man more each day.  It will give me ideas of how to express myself and hopefully make me aware of areas that I need to be conscientious of.

Will anyone join me in this challenge?

Check back for updates on my progress.



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  4. This was a great post. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. I am joining you! And I’ll remember to pray for you 12/8: that is Gretchen’s birthday. Thanks for praying for me on Thur.!

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