Posted by: alwaysrkp | December 2, 2009

30 Day Challenge – Success & Procrastination & Wifey Wednesday

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge Update:

Yesterday, I left a note card for my man thanking him. I used one of the suggestions for Day 1 of the challenge.

(I have thanked him for choosing me M-A-N-Y times – and will continue to do so until I die – so I did not go that route. )

This went over well.  He liked and appreciated it. He seemed uplifted by it (yesterday was a hard day for him).  Later, he initiated a bit of physical affection that I have been wanting/missing on a daily basis (something we had discussed multiple times). It was small but N-I-C-E.   I was not anticipating fringe benefits for me, although maybe I should have.  SUCCESS!

Today I am unsure of how to communicate Day 2’s challenge.  This is my downfall.  At this point in the day, I need to send an email or wait until much later in the day – like tonight before bed. Procrastination – gets me every time! I should have pounced this morning when I had the chance, but I held back.  Ahh well, I will do better next time (I hope).

Today is more like two posts.  If you had to wade through the top post to get to this one, sorry.  I tried to keep it short.  Sheila‘s Wifey Wednesday post is about husbands whose careers take time away from their families.

My man is not gone from home as much as some men.  However, he is a real estate agent who works from home, he works part time at a job outside the home that is mostly evenings and weekends  and he is in school.  SO, while he is at home a lot, he has to work or study most of that time.

He continually worries about not spending adequate time with me or C2.  He is getting better about making the most of the time he spends with C2.  He and I do take time to have meaningful discussions almost daily, but sometimes, we do not make it happen.

I do not think we are out of control in this area, but I do feel we have improvements to make.  I feel it is more my responsibility in that I need to help my man know WHEN to take time and to encourage him to not feel guilty.  I need to be more consistent about being intentional.

I do admit, however, to threatening to throw the cell phone in the ocean a time or two…or out the window while riding down the road, or down the toilet.   That might be our bigger challenge – knowing when to ignore the phone. Work sometimes creeps in at the worst times.   He knows I will not toss it because that phone ringing means more money for bills, but I wish it would ring from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday ONLY.



  1. so glad you’re taking the time to make your man feel like a man! I hope things go well for you!
    I’ve been in louisville my whole life, Valley Station actually. My peddler’s mall is on dixie hgwy by Valley Station Road, although I go to several others when I can.
    Glad you stopped by!

  2. Just don’t toss the phone!! Maybe you can have some times where he turns it off? Of course I realize he needs to be available…must be tough.

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