Posted by: alwaysrkp | December 3, 2009

30 Day Challenge – Day 3

I suppose I should say that I have forbidden my man from looking at my blog until further notice.  If he sees what I am saying, well, that would just ruin it all.

It is only Day 3 and I have discovered –

That encouraging my man is as much about (insert drum roll):


As much as it is about saying and doing things for him.

What a revelation!

(NO, I wasn’t born yesterday…I have practiced keeping my mouth shut for quite some time in the hopes that practice really does make perfect…just not usually so intensely in this short a time period.)

I was so focused on saying and doing for him, that I was a bit blind sided by the constant need to suppress my strong, Mother and Grandmother induced need to complain explain, correct accept, be sarcastic sweet, dispute resolve…things this morning.

I see why this challenge is for 30 days straight – within 30 days, you are bound to have days that are bumpy.  THOSE are the days that REALLY grow you and change you.  So although my morning was a bit rough (inside, he never knew)…I knew that this was exactly the growing and changing I needed.

I remember when I first read The Power of  A Praying Wife.  The first chapter hit home…really hit home.  What? Don’t pray to change him, pray to change ME?  But I knew that the truth would set me free so I was happy to submit to the truth.  That one chapter alone revolutionized my prayers for our relationship.

That was how I felt this morning.  If I submit to the excruciating test to keep my mouth shut, there are better things on the other side for him and me.

And isn’t it just something how Day 3 is about NOT saying anything NEGATIVE and yet, I faced more temptation to be negative today than the previous two.  The Lord was either testing me or the demons didn’t like the good response from the first two days.

On a happier note, my oblivious self tee-totally over-looked the fact that my man wrote me a little note back on Day 1.  I did send an email for Day 2 and in response, he broadcast, to our Facebook world, a very sweet message.

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