Posted by: alwaysrkp | December 9, 2009

30 Day Challenge Update & Wifey Wednesday

Needless to say, I am bee-hind on my posts.

Last week my plate was quite full as I was preparing for a minor operation which I had this week.

Said operation has provided my man many opportunities to take care of me, be kind to me, put up with me, etc.  Thankfully, he is willing to do all those things.

I am also a few days bee-hind on the actual things I am thanking my man for – one cannot quite wrap their mind around an idea when coming out from anesthesia and being pumped full of pain meds!

I have been thanking him none-the-less and will catch up with the exact things I am supposed to be encouraging him about shortly.

In response to Sheila’s Wifey Wednesday call

Low point in my marriage…not so much…but low point before marriage…yes!

Honestly, my man and I had the most of our problems before our marriage. We had more problems than most married people could even think of.  Why?  Because we were in and coming out of a season of sin in our lives.

I nearly gave up on the relationship many times…and wanted to many times more.  But I loved this man.  Even when I tried to give up, I couldn’t because I loved him so much.

One day, I had a moment when I knew I needed to stay committed…no matter what.  I knew God was calling me to stick it out through the good, the bad, the ugly or the indifferent.  I committed to the relationship that day.

Did it get easier? No, not right away.  But in time, yes.

Coming back to a right relationship with Christ was the first and foremost thing we had to do.

I had to learn to keep my mouth shut more often.

I had to learn to forgive.

I had to learn to not hold things over his head.

I had to learn that my past plays a huge part in my relationships and that I need to work on that.

I had to learn to pray for God to change ME more than him.

I learned to pray in the midst of our times of conflict. (THIS revolutionized our relationship!!)

I learned to submit.

We do still have moments of struggle.  They are not long, bitter or as intense as they once were.  We get beyond our conflicts much more quickly now.

We have however, been in a long season of struggle financially.  It has taken a toll on us and we have allowed a lot of negativity into our thoughts and words.  The Lord began working on me about this a few months ago.  He recently moved me to begin a 30 day challenge to Encourage My Man.  I highly encourage all wives who are not great encouragers to take the challenge and see how it revolutionizes your marriage.


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