Posted by: alwaysrkp | September 14, 2010

Review for “OutLive Your Life”

Max Lucado has a gift for turning Bible scenes into modern-day scenes that people can relate to.  He can also put things in no-nonsense terms that are hard to turn away from.  He is funny and serious with a good dose of ideology.

“OutLive Your Life” is somewhat challenge, somewhat devotional,  somewhat self-improvement/spiritual improvement book.  He gives examples of things that nearly anyone can do and tells how such small things impact desperate people who need our help. The chapters are short enough to read one each day and there is a prayer at the end of each.

Lucado challenges us to get out of our self-absorbed worlds and out into the needy world around us.  He tells about enough worthwhile causes/activities that most anyone can find a few they can do.  You need not be rich nor a foreign missionary or even talented to make a lasting difference in this world….and the next (Heaven).  “Are you more dinghy than cruise ship?…More blue jeans than blue blood?  Congratulations.  God changes the world with folks like you.”

Be willing.  Common is okay. Climb out of your shell.  See and feel the pain of the world. Don’t forget the Gospel of Christ. Our differences don’t matter. Revive hospitality.  These are just a few of the messages of this book

I was convicted by some points and inspired by several.  It was well worth the read and has spurred me to make a plan of action about some things which the Lord is tugging at my heart.  I definitely recommend this book for all.

Thank you to Max Lucado and BookSneeze for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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