About Me

My name is Robin.  I am happily married to a wonderful guy who will thenceforth be referred to as “my man” (as in the Celine Dion song “I’m Your Lady…and you are my man”) or or “Mr. P”.  I have two boys, the oldest of whom I will refuse to reveal his age (R2)-who does not live at home now, and 15 (JV – previously referred to as C2 or SPSJ).

I work full-time.. I was a stay-at-home Mom since the youngest was born until a few years ago and would love to regain that title. I also volunteer with Operation Christmas Child year round.  I love this ministry and how it reaches children the world over with the Good News of Christ.  I also find that it gives me the opportunity to witness to people locally and lots of opportunities to encourage others locally.

We live in the heart of NC but my heart will always remain somewhat attached to KY – especially for the UK basketball program – might I mention that my man is a die-hard Duke fan….!  My life is normal in some ways, abnormal in others and a mini-series or two could be made of it (or at least 2-3 Lifetime movies).  I love the Lord.  He has bestowed limitless grace and mercy on me and my life.  I would be lost without Him – in more ways than one!


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