Posted by: alwaysrkp | January 22, 2010

Robin’s Readings

Give me a good book and I will abandon any activity that is not essential to life, including sleep.

I read every book in my junior high library with the exception of cheap romance novels.  By late February of my 8th grade year, the librarian had to get permission to send me to the high school  library (next door) because there was nothing worth reading left in our library.

My man recently asked me WHY I like to read.

Why?? I had a hard time answering that question.  For one thing, it just seems natural to want to read.  For another, there were so many answers to that question that I had a hard time choosing just a few. Why wouldn’t I want to read?

So, here’s a bit of what I have read lately and have finished (there are others in progress)

C2 was TEE TOTALLY fascinated that someone had gotten a glimpse of heaven.

FINALLY read “One Night With the King” (I cheated and watched the movie years ago)…I bought the movie for $5 at FCS recently but would not let myself watch it until I had read the book.  Now I have read the book and have not carved out time to watch the movie….

But actually, I read this first:

because someone loaned it to me.  This is an awesome book…don’t be put off by the fact that it has not been made into a movie.  This is a love story, a drama, an action story, a political story, a Bible story, oh I cannot begin to tell it all to you.  This had me on the edge of my seat and unable to wait to turn the page.  It did start off a wee bit slow, but the pace, plot and intrigue pick up and leave tread marks.

I WANT to read:

But I am #27 on the county library wait list for this book…did you get that?  27!!  I  think the library should  purchase another copy or two of this book….

A friend owns a copy but she loaned it to someone-and she doesn’t remember who that is – who has not returned it.  Alas…for now I have to wait for 26 other people to have 3 weeks to read it plus add transit time from one library to the next.  Ughh.

For now, I have another book to read for review from BookSneeze -i.e. Thomas Nelson publishers.



  1. Missed you at our last Bible study last Monday night! Sure hope you are okay… It had been a big weekend for us – Corey got engaged! They planned to get married 2/30/ 2011… until we all talked further on Monday night (before & after Bible study), & they are getting married 8/21/2010! It’s been a busy week helping with the planning & securing of places & vendors (since they are in VA Beach & getting married in Raleigh). We are so excited!

  2. I have 3 Cups of Tea if you would like to borrow it.

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